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Firefox & Stylesheets


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I am working on an osCommerce website for my church.

After many many issues it seems to finally all work the way it is supposed to, all but one thing:

it doesn't look good in FireFox. Many of background colors and fontsizes are not shown as they are supposed to be and as they are defined in the stylesheet.


The template I use, uses a lot of tables. I know this makes it difficult working with FF, but I am too far along to change all the tables into DIV's and rewrite everything to semantic html. That would take me months, while the shop should have been online a while ago.

Can anyone help me to find a way to make the page look good without having to make too many structural changes?


The url is: www.hiscfd.com/webwinkel/




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You have mistakes in your stylesheet;


.td_wrapper1 {

width: 800px;

background: #171717;


margin-top: 0px;}





P.footer {

color: #616161;

font-style: italic;


and maybe more

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