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help with ship estimator


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I have ship estimator v2.2.2 installed and can only get it to work when I am logged in. If I log off I get the pop up window just change to empty fields. I will put in the correct zip-code and use CO for the state and click on get quote and it returns blank text fields.


I am wondering if it is getting a product id not sure how to test it.


The url I get when it comes back blank is this..



If I do not put anything in the zipcode I think I get the correct error here is the URL..



So I think the error codes are working but not sure about if I in fact have a product-id.


The test.php comes up with 2 buttons to test it with(shopping cart test estimator button 1 and products shipping estimator button 2). If I just use the top button 1 I get the same error. When I test the bottom button 2 without a product id or "0" I get the error. As soon as I put in a valid product id the bottom button 2 works and when I go and test the top button 1 it now works.


That is the reason why I am thinking that when not logged in I am not getting a product id for it to check and then it fails.


Also when I use the test.php and put in a valid product id and go back to my store it will now work because I am thinking that the $_GET['pid'] is now there.


What can I do to fix this?

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Adding to the testing I am doing to find out what is wrong.


If you go to a product and use the link to view the product info the shipping estimator works fine because the product id is there in the URL. PID=1 is there.


If you do not use the product info link and just add it to the cart the pid or product id is not there.


How can we add this on this process to make this work? You can then click on any ship estimator button and it will not work because it is not getting the product id. But if you go threw the product info link way it works fine.


Also this needs a pull down window for the state field instead of the open text field. If you put in small case co or colorado instead of upper case CO in the field you get a XML error from USPS. If it forces the user to use a pull down we can force the program to use the correct info to send to USPS.


I will try the states pull down from something else and see what I can get to work but need help on the cart shipping estimator.


Also in testing this remember to clear your sessions file in the database or it will remember what you have there and if you have a valid product id from using product info it works but if you do not use product info it will not.


Also If you put in an incorrect state abbreviation and use usps and it is in your sessions file it will always come back incorrect so this needs to be deleted so you can enter the correct value that is why if a customer uses the store the first time and does it with the wrong info he will always get an error because he can't fix the sessions files like we can. So that is why this needs the state pull down over the text boxes.

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anyone needs help to change the products_ship_estimator to do a look up using the state country add on I can help. I have made this work so you can't put in the wrong state and that will help from getting the errors on the USPS not having the correct state entered.


Looking for help still on how to fix the shipping estimator when you are not logged in and you have already put the item in your cart but forgot to check the freight estimate. Again if you view this via the product info page it works but not if you put it in your cart and then remember that you want a freight estimate.



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Anyone know how to take out package qty displayed on checkout_shipping.php and just display the pounds.


example: (1 x 4lbs ) change to ( 4lbs )



I'm sure it is easy but just need to know how....lol



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