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After setting up an OS Commerce site for my client, he now informs me that he doesn't want to upgrade his credit card service to accept HTTP auto-charges. He is currently only set up to manually run them. Is there a way to set up a payment module to only email him when a purchase is made? Then he could log in to see the information and run the card himself?

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This is not a good idea as it would mean the Credit card details will need to be stored on line, depending on where you are it could get the owner into a whole lot of trouble if found out.


Its illegal to hold onto credit card details after the vendor - customer relationship is concluded. (http://www.ico.gov.uk/what_we_cover/data_protection.aspx


Also it throws up issues with security and PCI.









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Then how do you explain companies that hold onto credit card information in account information? All my online purchases (Amazon, Google Checkout, etc) have my credit card information on file, and access it when I want to make a purchase.


The government regulation you quote is UK. I'm in the States.


How do UK companies, or companies operating in the UK, deal with account setups where you would generally store credit card information?

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