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The e-commerce.

My First Shopping Mall !


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Hiya all


I have been playing with oscommerce for the past 2 months.

I am using Loaded 5 which contain these contributions ::


1.Triple Images

2.Administrators -1.2.2

3.Credit Class

4.Gift Voucher

5.Discount Coupons

6.Order Level sensitive discount

7.Default specials

8.Featured Products


10.Product-listing in Columns

11.Reviews Approval

12.Categories Description

13.Alternate Attribute Handling

14.Header tag Generator

15.Header tag Generator Admin

16.Mo Pics-Multiple product images

17.Paypal IPN payment module

18.5 Admin selectable themes

19.Linda McGraths Free Shipping/Payment

20.Monthly Sales/Tax Report

21.SID Killer for Googlebot and other spiders


And these are the contributions which I have added to it ::


1.Customer Testimonials v1.0

2.Easy Populate

3.NewsDesk v 1.3

4.Support System New


I would like that you all test out my cart and see if it works properly and how does the layout seem like.

All advices are welcomed :)


Thanks :)

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Very nice looking site and i know it is not the product image but it is kind of slow loading ( almost 20 sec with cable modem for a full loaded on a clean cache)



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hi... nice site, it's kind of osc standard but really nice...


the only problem that i found on your site that all your products have the same picture.. and it's kind of boring to see the same exact picture all over the site.. i realized what you are selling, but you should try to change a little your pictures




patagonia, argentina

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Nice site Farrukh,


one thing about the banner.. , I use 1600*1200, and viewing the page full screen I see a big blue gap between the tower an the dune.

The tower is a transparent gif and the dune image is right aligned, I would consider to apply the background image to both cells.



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heh yeah.. I also experience that large blue gap.


to prevent this I would recommend using absolute values instead of percentages.


other than the large iamges, it is a very nice looking site

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have added some more Contributions


1. Shipping, Order Processing module

2. Order lgging before payment processing

3. All Prods

4. Custom Quicksearch

5. Visitor Tracking

6. Visitor Web Stats



Also, i have updated my site and also added more products and changed the images too.


Need some feedback



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