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Shopping Module based on weight per 100g


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I need some advice or a point in the right direction...


My shipping cost is calculated by destination country, by putting a base rate, and then adding a rate per 100g.

So for example if the total order weighs 500g:

for the uk...

for airmail...

The base rate is 137.55

and the price per 100g is 11.35

Total = 137.55 + (5 * 11.35) = 194.30


To make matters worse, I also want to offer surface mail, which is the same concept:

for the uk...

The base rate is 129.95

and 2.45 per 100g

Total = 129.95 + (5 * 2.45) = 141.15



So I look at the pre-installed shipping module "Zone Rates" which seems to be the closest match that comes with OS, and for each zone it wants the shipping prices listed like this:


So for me I'd have to type out each 100g as follows:

100:11.35, 200:22.70, 300:34.05

.. all the way up to 20kg ..


that makes 200 calculations


Then I need a "duplicate" of the "Zone Rates" module for Surface Mail -- any idea how to do duplicates?


I could consider writing my own module -- but I'd need advice on what should go where and how to integrate it into the OS system.

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How do you delete a thread with no posts?

I figured out how to make more than one 'shipping option' by installing a mod I think it's called "additional shipping options for zone module plus percentage" by Deryk Wenaus


I tried to solve the space limitation by increasing the field size of the configuration_value field from 255 to 2500 -- which in theory will work but it's a terrible solution --I have started a new thread for this issue


Now I have a new problem: The shipping module is not incorporation the WEIGHT into its calculation at all - it puts only the handling fee.

For example if I have a list like this 100:8.50,200:10.50,300:20.00 with a handling fee of 44, it will say the shipping cost is 44, even though the weight is 150 or whatever.

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