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attribute manager error help


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What does this error mean?


This was under the ajax attribute manager after installing it.


1054 - Unknown column 'products_options.products_options_track_stock' in 'where clause'


select products_name, products_options_name as _option, products_attributes.options_id as _option_id, products_options_values_name as _value, products_attributes.options_values_id as _value_id from products_description, products_attributes, products_options, products_options_values where products_attributes.products_id = products_description.products_id and products_attributes.products_id = '6' and products_attributes.options_id = products_options.products_options_id and products_attributes.options_values_id = products_options_values.products_options_values_id and products_description.language_id = 1 and products_options_values.language_id = 1 and products_options.products_options_track_stock = 1 and products_options.language_id = 1 order by products_attributes.options_id, products_attributes.options_values_id



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You should disable QT Pro plugin in attributeManagerConfig.class.php file.

Replace this

$this->add('AM_USE_QT_PRO', true);

to this

$this->add('AM_USE_QT_PRO', false);

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