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The e-commerce.

I am interested in going to school for this...

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I truly have a desire to create websites like all of the people that do OSCommerce, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, etc. I am not sure how to go about doing this though. Some people call it web programming, some say web design. Do I go to a University, or find a course at someone's house? How can a person that is interested in writing code get the schooling needed to succeed? I would really love to know how to write PHP, or whatever is necessary to design active store sites like the sites created with OSCommerce files, I just can't read scripting books to learn it. I would like to have a person show me, like in a classroom. I fall asleep reading books, and usually don't retain the information in them.


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To go to University (college) just to learn programming is overkill -- it's a trade school thing. That said, a 4 year degree in Computer Science would certainly leave you better prepared to do good work, but it's doubtful that there would be any payback in the job market. All IT jobs are fleeing to India, China, and other Developing World countries (i.e., cheaper places). I would say, take trade/vocational school or community college-level training in Web Development and Web Programming, and be prepared to compete against people who work very cheaply (do it because you love it, not because you expect to get rich). Compared to being self-taught (from books and looking at code such as osCommerce), a formal certificate may be better than none in landing a job. Any trained monkey can knock together a website, but formal training in User Interface design and graphics design would be a plus.

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