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how to include password and email in new customer confirmation email?


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Or you can follow these instructions from Multimixer, from his thread

My link


View Postnhtsystems, on 31 January 2010 - 02:01 PM, said:

how can i configure email register confirmation to send username and his password on registration......



Thats not hard to do since all necessary info exist already, you need just to put it into the email. You have already $password (thats obviously the customers password) and $email_address (customers email)


1) open file catalog/create_account.php


I would put the additional info it in that way into $email_text


$email_text .= EMAIL_WELCOME . EMAIL_TEXT_LOGIN . ' ' . $email_address . "\r\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_PASSWORD . ' ' . $password . "\r\n\n" . EMAIL_TEXT . EMAIL_CONTACT . EMAIL_WARNING;




If you have made the changes to receive an email too when the customer register (as described here) and you want to receive customers password too then you change the $owners_text as follows


$owners_text = EMAIL_TEXT_OWNER_INFO . "\r\n\n" .EMAIL_TEXT_CUSTOMER_NAME . ' ' . $name . "\r\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_CUSTOMER_EMAIL . ' ' . $email_address . "\r\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_CUSTOMER_PHONE . ' ' . $telephone . "\r\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_CUSTOMER_ADDRESS . ' ' . $street_address . "\r\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_CUSTOMER_CITY . ' ' . $city . "\r\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_CUSTOMER_STATE . ' ' . $state . "\r\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_CUSTOMER_COUNTRY . ' ' . $country . "\r\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_PASSWORD . ' ' . $password;




2) Open file catalog/includes/languages/yourlanguage/create account.php


Add 2 more language definitions as follows


define('EMAIL_TEXT_LOGIN', 'Your username is:');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_PASSWORD', 'Your password is:');




Not to mention to do a backup of your files BEFORE you start to do any changes

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I would like to know how can i include both email and password for customers as they join while receiving their email. It is under create_account.php

We have numerous customers that incorrectly enter their e-mail address when creating an account. We know this because the welcome e-mail will bounce back to us.


What happens if the typo is actually another persons valid e-mail. You have just sent the login and password to the wrong person? This would be rare indeed, but not something I want to happen.



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