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.htaccess and IE 8


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Just wondering if anyone else knows what is going on. I've searched all over the internet, read many forums but still have not found anyone else talking about this issue specifically.


When using IE 8, after closing my browser completely, return to log in hours later, I'm not being asked for username/password. Cleared temp internet files, cookies, browsing history, etc. If I log into a different oscommerce admin, then I have to enter log in details, but the same thing happens even after closing the browser when I return to that admin hours later, or even the next day, no log in required. This doesn't happen with Firefox, only IE. Note also, it's not just with oscommerce sites. This is happening with every site I visit that uses basic authentication .htaccess. I was under the impression that this would only happen if I kept my browser session open, but that doesn't seem to be the case. No one else has access to my computer, so it really doesn't matter that much, but it still bugs me, and makes me feel like something non-secure is going on.


If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


Thanks, Hal

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I think I've figured out what the problem was, but still do not know what caused it in the first place. Opened my task manager > processes tab and noticed IE was listed although IE was closed, so it shouldn't have been listed. I simply ended the program. Tested, tested, tested and now each time I go to my admin after closing the browser, I'm prompted for a username/password. So I think it is fixed. :D

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