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Site in IE 8 vs. Chrome, Firefox


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My website is being displayed horribly in IE8, well the HTML page that I create is horrible looking. I have spent days searching through Google to find a proper solution. The only one that I started to work on was looking in Google Chrome, and seeing how it transformed the images and manually edited the HTML to match that (instead of width="100%" I use width="288px", etc..). It starts to look better in IE, but is there anyone out there that can give me a quick explanation why IE 8 is making my site look whacky? I am no coder so there is quite possibly something I am doing wrong.


My site is My link and it is only the home page that IE is displaying crazy. Plus IE displays the invisible spacers.


Why I am asking for help is the fact that most of the visitors to the site use IE and it has a huge bounce rate.


Any help is appreciated.




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Good ole IE rearing its ugly head.


I see you've got size issues in IE, but it looks fine in FF. I can't really offer any solution there.


For your spacer issue try this


Change your spacer cells like this

<td><img src="images/spacer.gif" border="0" alt="" width="552" height="1"></td>


to this:


<td width="552"> </td>


Where you just replace the image width"xxx" into your td width, and use the acsii code for single space $nbsp;


I see there are multiple sizes of the spacer so you'll have to change the code to match for each width.


Just try one at first to see if it produces the desired effect.

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Just an update, in order for me to get this working I replaced most of the width="100%" to wdith="833" or whatever the value that would be appropriate. That has fixed the issue.


Thanks for your help.

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