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Can OS do a Hotel reservation system?


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Can OS commerce be set up for a hotel reservation system?


What I need is a hotel reservation system, just for a small bed and breakfast, six rooms. It would enable a potential hotel guest to rent a room on either one or a consecutive block of dates. Using a click able calendar tied to the payment system. Once the renter is ready to pay via credit card, the code would generate a price and then go into a simple shopping cart where the customer can enter in his billing info and pay by credit card.


Maybe the same customer could rent more than one room with the same date ranges, or on the same order rent different rooms for different dates, and date ranges, etc., with discounts available for quantity purchases of either rooms, or extended date ranges, or both. Also with the ability (for me) to set discounts differently (in the code) depending on if a customer rents more than one room, or more than one day, and extra discounts for renting multiple rooms only, multiple days only, and also additional discounts for renting both multiple rooms and multiple days, like for a convention. With ability to set my own discounts in various ways, i e depending on length of stay, number of rooms rented, number of days, etc etc, etc.


I'd like it so that a customer could place a deposit on a room or group of rooms for the reservation, with the administrator (me) able to set the required deposit depending on what the price range is for the reservation, i e, a percentage of the purchase price of the total order. This option is not absolutely necessary but it would be a very nice feature.


I need a service fee for cancellations, with variable cancellation fees settable by me, which depend on both the closeness of the reserved date to the cancellation and the amount of the sale, independently. The cancellation would be automatic, so that if a customer cancels a reservation, they are auto refunded on their CC either their deposit or paid in full price, minus a pre cancellation fee which is variable, with the ability to set that cancellation fee depending on the total sale price.


Is this do able by a newbie with lots of gumption and the right books, snippets? I already have Wellings PHP and MySQL web Development and Professional PHP 4 Wrox. I read on another forum that there is a book written for Dreamweaver MX and a sample project is a hotel reservation system in PHP, but I use Go Live 6 and don't want to waste the money on that one.

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