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magiczoom admin settings will not save


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hi folks,


i have purchased magiczoom thumbsplus for my oscommerce store and it works fine displaying images etc, that is untill i attempt to change any of the settings using the backend admin panel.

Regardless of how i access the admin panel (either by clicking the edit button, or the blue arrow) and regardless of what settings i change, as soon as i click on save/update, the contribution reverts back to as if it has only just installed with no settings visible and an install and a remove button.


If i click install, the module appears but is then using the same default settings that were prior to the above change.


It seems this may be a permissions issue with some file or other perhaps not bring writeable by the admin gui tool?


The actual contribution was installed by the magiczoom team and they are at a loss to explain the above, unless i give them complete access to my live production store which i am a little reluctant to do from a client privacy/security point of view.


So i am hoping someone may have had a similar issue or could point me in the direction to help me resolve this rather annoying glitch in an otherwise great contribution.

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Are you using osCommerce 2 or 3?


Have you downloaded the latest version of the osCommerce module? Latest version is version


I am using oscommerce 2 and had been conversing with alex on the magicbox support team on the subject.

I used the version downloaded when i purchased my license on Monday evening.

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Anyone else had anything similar with other contribs that could point me in a direction to check this rather odd event?

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