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Upgraded database, now things don't work and things duplicat


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I upgraded the database, which was probably a bad idea. anyhow, now i have duplicate fields, is it alright for me to delete them?


also, now i can't add downloads.


at all.


what can i do to fix these? i tried installing the configuration table by itself and that worked, but i need the changes i've made over the monts.


what do i do now?

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are you sure that your fields are actually duplicated in the MySQL or just in the admin?

I had that happen when I ran an upgrade some months back and it was never right again .. so I finally rebuilt the store :?


As for the downloads .. did you add an attributes contribution ??

I know there is at least one out there that disables the bottom portion of the product attributes page in the admin and it says in the contrib file that it will not work with downloads.

If that is the case .. I just keep a back up copy of the categories.php and the product_attributes.php and switch them back and forth when I need to add a download.


If that's not the case, sorry for the blabber .

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