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Wishlist Mod Help- DVD Rental Cue Questions


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Has anyone had any luck finding or creating a modification that will hold a customer's wish list in a cue?


I am working on a dvd rental site and will only have a limited quantity of each item in stock so I want my customers to be able to add things to their wishlist in a rental cue so that when the item comes back in stock I can ship it out to them and then remove it from their list.


Ideally I would also like to know who put the item in their cue first so that that customer gets priority over another.


I'd gladly try to create it myself and share when I begin to understand php a little better if there isn't something already out there. In that case would it be wise to use the wish list mod and change that to suit my needs or would it be best to do something from scratch?


Thanks so much for your input.



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If all you need is something ordinal, why don't you add a wishlist_id field that autoincrements? This would be easier than comparing dates. Also, you wouldn't have to change inserts or normal reads, just add code to handle the wishlist_id where you want to use it. You can add ORDER BY and LIMIT 1 to the query to just get the first one.




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