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The e-commerce.

Has anyone been playing optimize MySQL


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As a firmly entrenched member of the paint-by-numbers <modify the OSC code> {find this} ("replace with that"'";-wtf!) community, I must admit I've always felt uncomfortable in the MySQL Reference Manual. I'm in hot pursuit of some 6 queries that do not use an index properly.


Here's some cool references for others of the paint-by-numbers persuasion;

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Cool! I've got some slow queries and I'm on my way to solving it. I'm advised by tuning-primer.sh to add "log-queries-not-using-indexes" to my.cnf (usually located at /etc/my.cnf) I'd already set log_slow_queries = /var/log/mysql-slow-query.log where I was finding 2-3 slow queries a day, but now it's exploded to 24000 per day.


So I'm off to the dreaded MySQL Reference Manual and I find this; "For example, a query that uses a full index scan uses an index but would be logged because the index would not limit the number of rows."


Uh, I must be missing some foundational understanding of what an index is because I thought we were looking up the index number and they're all unique, so that (in my paint stained fingers) seems pretty limited, like only one row would match at all.


Insight anyone?

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Try this in google


site:www.oscommerce.com/forums a store speed optimization in progress


Excellent for finger painters!!



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