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Price Setting Problem


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i have been trying to set up a store. When i add products at the admin side and add appropriate prices to them its shows up fine , but, when i see my catalog as a user, the prices are not shown as the one entered !!!



Can anyone help me solve this problem .....???






:roll: [/code]

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what version do ou have ? if 2.2 in catalog/includes/application_top.php around line 139 "display prie with tax" set to false

If it's the 2.2 MS1 version you can set that in the admin side of the store



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I found one recent install(2.2cvs Feb. 10) was adding a special price. If the price was 4.00 the special was 30.00. I did not track that down yet. Instead I am reinstalling with the ms1.


I also had the problem with the tax on another. I believe I had to find the entry and manually change the entry. The admin setting didn't work.

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Oh ..i am also using the CVS version ... Is that version having a problem showing up the right prices for the products ???? No wonder i have been going crazy finding out whats wrong !!!!!



Thanks for your information !! :shock:





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