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shipping problem - payments too high!


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Please could someone help? I installed a shipping mod for the UK (UK shipping methods v2.2.1) and that was all ok, however all postal rates I changed to the latest upgrade from Abu Maryam who updated it as it represents April 2010 postal price changes (see here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4473) - but now my prices are coming up really high.


My shipping/packaging in the admin/config section are all at default upon osc install and I assume that the weight of the product is in kgs.


So I set my product weight at 0.25 and now for first class shipping the cost of that is coming up upon a checkout live test (on a 0.25kg product)


1st class standard = £8.22

1st class recorded = £8.96

Standard parcel = £7.06

Parcelforce 48 = £15.99


I could be being really tired and making a silly mistake but could someone help me out please?


Below is what I used for 1st class standard for example:


Kilograms Price Concatenated String


.1 £1.39 .1:1.39

.25 £1.72 .25:1.72

.5 £2.24 .5:2.24

.75 £2.75 .75:2.75

1 £3.35 1:3.35

1.25 £4.50 1.25:4.5

1.5 £5.20 1.5:5.2

1.75 £5.90 1.75:5.9

2 £6.60 2:6.6

4 £8.22 4:8.22

6 £11.02 6:11.02

8 £13.82 8:13.82

10 £16.62 10:16.62


Additional 2kg £2.80


Complete string ---> .1:1.39,.25:1.72,.5:2.24,.75:2.75,1:3.35,1.25:4.5,1.5:5.2,1.75:5.9,2:6.6,4:8.22,6:11.02,8:13.82,10:16.62


(I entered the complete string as above)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

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Are you sure of the decimal places? The smallest weight of first class postage in the US is .5 oz, which is about .01 kg. I would think it would be close to the same in the UK and not 10x that.


Hiya, no I am not sure at all. I think you are right but don't know how to wrap my head around sorting this out.

My site is lovely, this is the only thing now holding it up and it's 4am = totally knackered.


Please could you advise me in laymens terms what my string code shout be?


I know that the product usually costs me £3.28 or approx to post out and is a 250ml tin. Weight I think is 0.75 or 1.75 I entered before on my previous shop (but really can't remember right now).

Does that help?! eeek

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