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How to display own reviews of products


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I wish to be able to add genuine reviews / comments we have received about our products that have been sold from other sources into our very new web shop.


I presume there is a way to do this using phpadmin or similar but I am not 100% familiar with what sections / fields of the database I need to put what information in.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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As far as I can tell, each review as stored in the database has a customer's name and ID included. My advise would be to use your store and simply create an account for each person that sent you a review and simply use write review as the account holder. If you do not want the customer to get a welcome email, I suggest when you create their account, do not use their real email address on the create account page. This would be a lot simpler than trying to add them individually through phpmyadmin, in my opinion.

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I've just added the Complete Reviews add-on to try and accomplish being able to write our own reviews. Have modded all the files as stated and uploaded the new reviews.php file to admin, yet when I try and run the reviews function i get the following message on the admin screen,


1054 - Unknown column 'approved' in 'field list'


select reviews_id, products_id, last_modified, reviews_rating, approved, date_added from reviews order by date_added DESC limit 0, 20




Can anyone enlighten me as to whats gone wrong ?

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