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[add-on] Discount Code (support)

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$this->output[] = array('title' => (!empty($order_info) ? $check['discount_values'] . ' ' : '') . TEXT_DISCOUNT . (!empty($order_info) ? ' (' . $sess_discount_code . ')' : '') . ':',
will display 25% Discount (bf2014):

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I have this discount code module installed (from high-quality-php-coding.com)

The addon works perfectly apart from after someone uses the discount code, they can use it over and over again (despite selecting one-time-use per customer)

Is there anyway I can fix this problem? or maybe I can manually add the customer to a customer used list?

Thank you in advance.

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I downloaded the discount code osC_v2.3 for osCommerce I am having a great deal of difficulty understanding the coding so I can set up the discount. I want to create a code for a 15% discount. Any item, any customer, to expire on 6/30/2020.

I have been trying to understand the ot_total file, but I really need help getting this add-on set up. Is there anyone who can help me understand how to configure this?

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