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Individual Product Shipping Prices - Multiple Items


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Hey Everyone, I did some searching and couldn't find the answer to my question.


I just installed Individual Product Shipping Prices 1.0 and it is working great. I would like to modify the shipping calculator so that it uses the most expensive base price and then the additional price for the rest of the items.




Currently Happening:


Shoes ship @ 9.99 for first item, 4.99 for each additional, shirts ship @ 3.99 and 1.99/additional


2 x Nike = 9.99 + 4.99

2 x Shirt = 3.99 + 1.99


Total Shipping = 20.96


What I want to happen:


2 x Nike = 9.99 + 4.99

2 x Shirt = 1.99 + 1.99


Total Shipping = 18.96


Basically, it will use the most expensive base price and then every other item will be included at their additional price. Is there anyone out there that knows a way to do this? Thanks!

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I had a similar request from a client and came up with the following.


You need to change includes\classes\shipping.php module


Insert only the code delimited by the // BB Start and // BB End, the other code should serve to indicate where in the file you need to add this - around about line 84(ish):


//phpmom.com// find shiptotoal and indvcount(# of products with indv shipping//
function get_shiptotal() {
global $cart;
$this->shiptotal = '';
$products = $cart->get_products();

// BB Start - Set first shipping price = second shipping price for all prods other than first prod with max shipping price - Start by determining index of max shipping price
$maxship = '0';
$i_maxship = 0;
for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($products); $i<$n; $i++) {
if (($products[$i]['products_ship_price']) > $maxship) {
$maxship = ($products[$i]['products_ship_price']);
$i_maxship = $i;
// Here we set all ship prices to second ship price for entries other than the index determined above
for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($products); $i<$n; $i++) {
if ($i != $i_maxship) {
$products[$i]['products_ship_price'] = $products[$i]['products_ship_price_two'];

// BB End - Set first shipping price

for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($products); $i<$n; $i++) {
// mod indvship//modified hadir
// if ($products[$i]['products_ship_price']) {
$products_ship_price = $products[$i]['products_ship_price'];//}
$products_ship_price_two = $products[$i]['products_ship_price_two'];
$products_ship_zip = $products[$i]['products_ship_zip'];


So I found this and tried to implement it but it doesn't seem to work. Is there anything that could have been changed in updates to prevent this from working?

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