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The e-commerce.

Is possible now to show product info ?


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hey guys


1)just wonder is possible for the customer just to order from the catalog list and not link the product to a info page.

so basicly there just a list of product for them to order without hyperlinking into the product page when clicking the product.


2)is possible to add quantity into the shopping cart box so they can change the quantity without going to the checkout


3)Product Listing, i want to add unit price (eg $1 per 100g if the weight is 200g) how do i go on doing this



thanks in advance again

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1) You can place all of your products into the category box without creating sub-categories. However, this will be very untidy depending on how many products you sell.


2) Yes, there are many contributions for this. Check the Add Ons Page


3) I am not sure what you mean by this, could you give more information ?





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hey chris


1) http://www.freshnezy.com.au/index.php?cPath=22_30 i want to remove the hyper link from the product "test" (product name) the only option is to buy now.


2)will have a look into this thx...


3)on the same page asbove the list shows product name--price--image--buynow what i want to add is another column lets say weight which i can do from admin but what i want to add is a column called Unit Pricing which new thing that the goverment has done in australia for supermarkets which say chips are 200g for $2 but on the price label it will also show 100g for $1 depend on the product range the "base weight" changes eg meat is by the kg etc

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