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how do I delete incomplete customers?


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I hope that you have database/table access. If so then open the customers table find the particular customer remember his cid end delete it.

Do this for the rest of your customers_x tables with the recognizer cid.

Hope this will help you.

Regards TS24

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There are REQUIRED fields during the customer creation process. How is it that you bypassed those fields and now have this problem ?


Ronald is right, you can delete the customer using myphpadmin.





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I am not sure how it happened. I thought I set it up correctly - only to receive email notification. The odd thing is I can log in to it but it will not let me add the rest of the required info. It will allow me to change basic info on the profile. I am going to try and remove it with the sql command. I only have 3 customers registered so far so not much is at risk. Thanks for the help. I think it's possible that I closed my session in the midst of adding the record in the beginning. It's the old user ID-10-T error (or I-D-I-O-T) that I am pointing at myself.

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