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How Contributions and Daily Snapshots Work Together


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Pretty new to osC, but I love it and have had little problems getting my MS1 site up and running. From reading the forums, I take it that if you add any contributions, then update with the latest Daily Snapshot, you run the risk of introducing problems as the Daily Snapshot can overwrite the changes made by the prior contributions you installed. So, my questions are:


1) How does everyone work around adding a contribution one day, then updating with the latest Daily Snapshot the next?


2) For a beginner like me, should I just stick with the MS1 version and wait till the next milestone comes out before upgrading?


Thank you for any insight you can provide.

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Personally...and this is just me...I loaded my version (MS1-Ian Wilsons Loaded5), add whatever contrib's take my fancy - although loaded5 contains most of them - and stick with that. If a future snapshot, or when-released milestone should add additional functionality I think I need/should have, them I will upgrade.

Seems to me, and again, this is just me, that to update your source files on a DAILY basis is a HELLUVA lot of work. :shock:

I'm not sure that a snapshot from one day to the next can be substantially different from the previous days one, unless some new gropund-breaking idea :idea: has been introduced into the script overnight...in which case, I'm sure I would obtain the updated files to incorporate it.

I'm a firm believer in "If it ain't broke...don;t fix it"

Mine ain't broke! 8)

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Thanks for your reply. I hate to ask, but what is Loaded5? I've searched through previous posts, and even looked in the contributions section, but I can't find any clear reference on what it is and where I can get it. Thanks again.

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If you look through the contribs section, you will find a number of contribs authored by Ian Wilson.

Loaded5 is the latest release of oscommerce (MS1) with a whole bunch of contribs pre-installed, the whole package put together by Ian Wilson.

You upload it same as osc, and all the 'extra' contribs are uploaded with it.

It contains:

Easy Populate - product database uploader

Member Dsicount

Admin auth - allow multiple administrators

Gift voucher

Discount coupons

and more...


Get it here:


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If it looks like a dog, smells like a dog and acts like a dog ... then it's probably a cat trying to sell you something. (?2003 R. Ellison)


:-) Very good....

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