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remove brackets from attributes price value


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I cant find where is the code for the brackets that rap the value price of a product attribute I assigned

I want to get rid of it cause I use right to left language

so my output in product info page is:

(Canon (+$50 instead of Canon (+$50)

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in catalog/product_info.php around line 138:




$products_options_array[sizeof($products_options_array)-1]['text'] .= ' (' . $products_options['price_prefix'] . $currencies->display_price($products_options['options_values_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($product_info['products_tax_class_id'])) .') ';


Change to:


$products_options_array[sizeof($products_options_array)-1]['text'] .= ' ' . $products_options['price_prefix'] . $currencies->display_price($products_options['options_values_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($product_info['products_tax_class_id'])) .' ';


This is simply removing the first ( and the last )

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that is the first thing I tried

for some reason nothing happens!


actually nothing I change in this page does anything

for example if i add

echo "hello world" on various places

it doesn't show!


this is the page and I deleted the brackets as you showed but you can still see them!

look down under the option with the camera bag picture:


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That is strange, becuase I tested it and it worked perfectly.


maybe you dont use option images.

I just found by debugging that the () are comming from a requier

that leads to the file options_images.php


there I saw a similar code to the one you said

now it works!

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You are corret, I was not using option_images. That explain it. Glad it is working for you now. :thumbsup:

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