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Trying to add footers to boxes need help


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you have this at the bottom of your boxes:

	new infoBox($info_box_contents);


add this below it

  $info_box_contents = array();

 new infoBoxBottom($info_box_contents);


the class name used must match the boxes class name. My class looks like this:

  class infoBoxBottom extends tableBox {
function infoBoxBottom($contents, $left_corner = true, $right_corner = true, $right_arrow = false) {
  $this->table_cellpadding = '0';

//Monika added
  $info_box_contents = array();
  $info_box_contents[] = array(array('params' => 'height="12" class="infoBoxContents2"',
									 'text' => tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'infobox/corner_left_bottom.gif')),
							   array('params' => 'height="12" class="infoBoxContents2" width="100%"',
									 'text' => ''),
							   array('align' => 'right',
							   				'params' => 'height="12" class="infoBoxContents2"',
									 'text' => tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'infobox/corner_right_bottom.gif')));
//end Monika added

  $this->tableBox($info_box_contents, true);


amend to your needs, classes and images wise. You can see this work in the razzle project on my website (my website link is in my profile, it has my name)


I'm trying to add a footer to all the boxes in my columns. I need to add three graphics to it to get rounded corners. The two corner gifs which I'll make in PS and upload to images/infobox and also a gif to span the space between them whick will be only 1 pxl wide and repeat across to save load time. I tried the above instructions, but they did not work for me. I'm sure it is something I did wrong the post is not very specific as to where to add the code so I may have put it in the wrong place. I put it at the end of my boxes.php file. I may also be missing a naming convention here. I have a class infoBoxContents2 like the poster has. I do not want to use a contribution to achieve this. I'd rather learn the PHP and do it the hard way. What can I say I'm a glutton for punishment (also I'm affraid of installing a contribution which will break one of the other contributions I have already installed on my live site).

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