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The e-commerce.

im all done now took me a day but it will do for now what use think


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"It will do for now" possibly isn't the right attitude to take. First impressions count for a lot and if I came across a site looking like this, I probably wouldn't buy from it.


I'm not sure what advice to give, as it's only my opinion. Maybe move away from the pink and blue colour scheme and go with somethig more subtle. Remove some of the boxes that you don't need. Install some security, rename your admin, install some SEO stuff.


It's a start. now you need to make it more polished.

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1. Change your logo. It is very blurred, too small and does not match the background color of the header. You logo is expresses the image you wish to portray and a should look professional.


2. Get rid of the language and currency boxes. You only have one language and one currency, so they are pointless.


3. Your product descriptions are too short and do not really sell the products.


4. The blues that you have used are a bit too bright and glaring, but this is just my opinion.


5. Secure your contact us form with reCaptcha or something to prevent it being used for spam.


6. The whole general appearance is very stock oscommerce so does not really pop out as being somewhere I would buy from.


7. When you click on the categories, there is a missing image links 'lets see what we have here'.


8. The font in your shopping cart is too large.


9. Your delivery charges for next day, same day etc are all the same price.


10. I cannot find any details about who or where you are.


11. Your boxes are using the stock oscommerce images which do nothing to enhance your site.


12. On your corporate page, you recommend that customers call you but you provide no telephone number.


13. Ditto for your wedding page.


14. Your home page does not sell you. You just have the stock new products box and Guest link. Add something a little bit more interesting.


15. Your product pages use the stock tiny image. If you want to sell your products to potential guest, your images need to be larger.


I hope this helps a bit.

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Firstly, well done. It is a nice efort from someone new to oscommerce and launching their first osc store... congratulations.


- Your login and account pages need to be protected by an SSL certificate

- Your header logo and menu links underneath it are too wide, in IE and FF the page scrolls left/right as well as up/down. You need to re-think the logo area and make it narrow.

- Corporate (not Coporate) for your menu link

- You should an SEO contribution so your pages open as: http://supershare.co.uk/Store/carnival_flowers.html rather than http://supershare.co.uk/Store/product_info.php?products_id=106

- After that you should add a metatag contribution so search engines can index your pages, it is good for business

- Why on earth have you got a languages and currencies box in column right when there are no options attached to them? Remove them

- Finally, when you are confident, back up your affected pages and remove the column right completely, add fixed width to your store, say 960px and see how it looks


Now, on the bright side, this is an excellent effort from a relative newbie to oscommerce so well done to you. The colours are nice, it is a bright site, looks attractive but the header logo and blue colour control do absolutely nothing to make look like a flower store. You need a complete re-think of your layout and colours for the business you are in.


Also, there are chances that people will only buy from your type of store on a one-off so adding something where customers can purchase without going through the hassle of creating an account and so-on would be an idea to ponder.


I would advise you use this store as your test store and keep adding and modifying until you have a suitable look and functions, then after you are happy and you think your potential customers would buy from that type of store, then go live with it because as it stands it is too messy and looks amateur-ish so I would never buy from that type of store especially when Interflora and so-on have a beautiful website.... you are up against Interflora and even Tesco so think about your unique selling point before going live.


I wish you success

Upon receiving fixes and advice, too many people don't bother to post updates informing the forum of how it went. Until of course they need help again on other issues and they come running back!


Why receive the information you require in good faith for free, only to then have the attitude to ignore the people who gave it to you?


There's no harm in saying, 'Thanks, it worked'. On the contrary, it creates a better atmosphere.



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