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Order Processing


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I'm wondering if anyone has a good SQL query that would allow me to download current, unprocessed orders from the store. This SQL code would then update the database to reflect that the order(s) were in process.


Then, I would like the SQL statement to delete all credit card information from the database.


Any and all help would be appreciated.



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Gee, I think I would look at the code in the admin....I'll bet the query to look at the customers orders would do that....


I think somewhere in the forums there is a script for deleting the CC #'s too.

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I would start by taking a look at how the query is set up in the admin/orders.php file. Decide which pieces of information you need to import to your mail order program and customize the query from there. If you can access your dB from your mail order program add your query to it and away you go. If you can't access the dB from your mail program you can put your query in to a GUI like phpMyAdmin and then download your results as a CSV or tab delimited file and then import that file to your mail program.

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