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Warning Notes


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I am new to osCommerce and decided to try it on a temporary host(http://1234567.zxq.net).

I have followed the installation procedures but unfortunally warning notes appear both on the Admin page and the shop itself....

1. http://1234567.zxq.net/catalog/index.php

2. http://1234567.zxq.net/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=26&osCsid=97701f0715e66950a6eeeb7e40ad3524


does anyone have an idea what i did wrong?



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Your server and/or PHP have SAFE MODE "on", which prevents you from writing to /tmp. If you search around this forum for "tmp" you should find instructions on what to do. I think you have to create your own directory (e.g., "temp") in the root of your shop, and change the "Cache Directory" from /tmp/ to temp/ and "Session Directory" from /tmp to temp in the "configuration" table. You might have to do that directly in phpMyAdmin if you can't get to the admin pages. Anyway, something like that. You may have to play with the directory permissions such that osC is allowed to write to this new directory -- start with 755, go to 775 if osC can't write, and 777 only as a last resort.


The other errors following the first (involving "headers already sent") will go away once the first error is dealt with.

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