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SPPC Shipping Price Incorrect


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I posted this yesterday but the SPPC thread is that big I had trouble finding my own post so I thought I should post it under a new thread and someome may read it then.


I have an ongoing problem with the shipping price for members of SPPC groups that are set to display prices without tax. The shipping price passed to the credit card gateway is what ever is shown as the shipping price on the Order Confirmation page, however, this always includes tax because "SHOW_PRICES_WITH_TAX" is always set to true for SPPC, therefore, the shipping price on the order conformation page always includes tax no matter what the customers group is set to for displaying tax.


The shipping price displayed on the Order Confirmation page comes from catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_shipping.php and I changed the following line in that file


if (DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX == 'true') $order->info['shipping_cost'] += tep_calculate_tax($order->info['shipping_cost'], $shipping_tax);




if (CUSTOMERS_GROUP_SHOW_TAX == 'true') $order->info['shipping_cost'] += tep_calculate_tax($order->info['shipping_cost'], $shipping_tax);


but the shipping price still shows tax for a member of an SPPC ex-tax group as if it always defaults to 'true'.


If I can resolve this then I think I will also resolve the problem with the tax in the credit card module as the code for passing tax to the gateway is similar.

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