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The e-commerce.

I SOLD MY FIRST ITEM! Thank you for all your help!


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I have been working on OScommerce for 4 months. The first week was when I discovered what it was and how to download it! Now that's a newbie. Then came mysql, XAMPP and how to compare files. After it was actually working on my computer, I learned how to upload it to GoDaddy, what absolute paths were and how to create a subdomain. Finally, I stumbled into the AddOns. STS then Images, then OOPS, I forgot to back up the files. Okay, a fresh install, many late nights and my kids think I'm nuts. Wife won't talk to me and I perspired on. Finally; it looked good, I have 6 products on line, Instant Downloads and even PayPal working!

Then I added ULTIMATE SEO URLS 5.0 and all my links were broken and the sight crashed. Okay, I SAVED AND BACKED UP the files so, a fast reload and three more tries with ULTIMATE SEO. Crash, crash and crash. But, I know how to start to fix the problem although I can't code php (something's wrong in my configure file...).

This is my GIANT THANK YOU to all of you out there that spend so much time helping me and all the other me's out there. You are the best and represent the best in spirit and kindness. Often spending hours helping others and when we get it fixed, we're off and running so fast that we forget to say a simple thank you and here's how it worked out. So, thank you and I'll always report what happened and how it worked out.

I had my first purchase today! Even though I still have to SEO the site, work on my security and configure and upload another 50 plus blueprints, someone actually came, selected a house plan, went through the shopping car to PayPal and paid money. What a thrill!

A short story: I owned a construction and development company. We did very well for 15 years, built many communities including an ABC Extreme Home Makeover(1,200 volunteers, 99.5 hours), spent another 2 years helping our local community with Extreme Team and lived well. Had several homes, boats, cars, trips - life was good. We sold about $52m in product in 2006. Then came the real estate crash and I lost the companies, cars, boats and homes. Sold what we had, packed everything else into a Ryder truck and left the North for Phoenix, Arizona. I tell this story so that everyone that reads this post,everyone that has a dream whether it is rebuilding or starting anew, can have the belief and spirit to learn something completely new and through hard work prosper in what they do. But it would have been impossible without the help and support of this community. So again, thank you!

The website is www.downloadhouseplans.com. Please let me know what you think. I know I have a lot more work (especially security and seo/please don't crash it+++) to go, but it's up and running!

Thanks again,


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Congratulations!!! Very beautiful and inspiring story, thank for sharing it, gives us all in the same boat, much inspiration!!! I wish you the best of luck, with the business and also completing your site! :)



I Hate PHP, LoLssss

Visit My Site, Any constructive comments and suggestions Welcome :)


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