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Category Tabs Formatting Problem


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I'm hoping somebody here can help me get this worked out. I've installed the Category Tabs menu v1.3 by Borkur Ingi Jonsson (based on previous contribution by Paul Marshall).


The stylesheet has an area to set the colors for the "On tab" to be different from the other tabs. This is working for me as far as the background of the tab, but not for the text.


Instead, it is inheriting the A. class formatting. I have looked through the categories_tab.php file but it appears to be correctly setup. I can't figure it out. Here's the relevant code:


// display category name

$categories_string .= $foo[$counter]['name'];


$categories_string .= '</a></td>';

if ($onpage) {

$categories_string .= '<td valign="top" class="ontab">';

} else {

$categories_string .= '<td valign="top" class="tab">';



$categories_string .= tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'trans_corner_right.gif', '');

$categories_string .= '</td>';


if ($foo[$counter]['next_id']) {

$onpage = 0;






As far as I can tell, it is saying for the onpage tab to use the ontab format for printing the label. But it isn't. The only time I can get a color change for that label to show up is when I change the A. format.


Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appeciated!


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There is no tag in the stylesheet for A.ontab or A.ontab:hover


add these and that should work


I also noticed

text-decoration : none;


you might want to change these to (remove the space)


text-decoration: none;

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