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The e-commerce.

Creating own template and making it usable like the templates here and out there


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I want to create a template (with personal layouts and such) that can be used by the .php, etc. files of oscommerce. I opened up the index.php file in Dreamweaver and it doesn't look Dreamweaverish... Actually, it's just outright confusing with the actual .php data the only thing that makes sense.


How should I go and start doing this properly?




What I want to do is create the site layout in Dreamweaver and make it somewhat usable by converting it to the equivalent of what's inside oscommerce (.php, .css, .js, and whatever else I missed).

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Then look at the STS template system which lets you use html based templates

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Its only used for some of them and its not the one to choose if you just want to download and use a pre-made template, its for making your own design.


The STS template system is a system which lets you use html for making a template for your store, it is meant for those who know how to code html but do not know php all that well.


If you know php then BTS or no template system at all is usually a better choice.


You can also click on basics for design below in my signature which includes a guide how to start changing the oscommerce design without using any template systems at all.

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