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Am i Hacked?


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Today when I checked my website...admin folder was not accessible...when I log onto my cpanel account, I was shocked to find out that my admin folder was deleted somehow!!! What's the reason, can anyone explain??? I am a newbie please guide...I have not installed any security contribution, please also recommend me some contributions so that I can save my website from future attacks....




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Thanks Chris..Really appreciated...Now, I have installed all the contributions which were suggested in those threads..But I am really afraid of changing the admin folder's name..I have made it password protected through cpanel.I have installed almost 40 contributions and I don't wanna loose my site again...Should I still change the folder name? If 'yes', Will it hurt my other installed contributions? Please help..

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None of your other contributions should refer to your admin folder by name.


Back-Up your entire site.


Remove Password protection from your admin folder


Change the name of your admin folder (from Cpanel) - use something obscure


Change all references to your admin folder from includes/configure.php, admin/includes/configure.php and any additional configure.php files that may be in Local Folders.


Test your site


Password protect the new name admin folder from cpanel.

Now running on a fully modded, Mobile Friendly 2.3.4 Store with the Excellent MTS installed - See my profile for the mods installed ..... So much thanks for all the help given along the way by forum members.

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