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Purchase without account?


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I downloaded two downloads and installed them both, crev5 and and Order info v.55. I keep getting errors. Has to do with passwords I think.

I will start from the beginning.

I go to the site. Add stuff to cart go to shopping cart then click on checkout. I go to a page with choices of getting an account or not. I click on purchase without account. It takes me to a form I fill out. After filling it out. I click on continue at the bottom of page. a box pops up saying line 29 Char 3 Error 'document.account_edit.password.value' is null or not an object Code:0 Url: has my url to order_info.php. Then I click on ok for the hell of it to see what will happen and I get taken to a page that says this:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: crypt_password() in /home/httpd/vhosts/ajvariety.com/httpdocs/catalog/Order_Info_Process.php on line 340

When I go to line 340 in Order_info_Process.php this is what I have

if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['setcookie'] == '1') {

setcookie('email_address', $HTTP_POST_VARS['email_address'], time()+2592000);

setcookie('password', $HTTP_POST_VARS['password'], time()+2592000);

setcookie('first_name', $customer_first_name, time()+2592000);

} elseif ( ($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS['email_address']) && ($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS['password']) ) {



I am not sure of this reason this is doing this. The only thing I did not do that the instruction say to do is this:

In 'Order_Info_Process.php', there is a $password that is set to '' (empty) right now. Because, customer accounts are created with no password. For security purposes (so no one can just guess a blank password), you might want to set that $password to something else ...

I did not know where you were suppose to make these changes in the file. There were no other instructions on this. Sorry I am new at this and need some help. Any help would be appreciated.

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This is what it should read:



'customers_password' => crypt_password($password),


try uploading it again.


There are 2 of that file you know.


1 in catalog

1 in a language folder


you want the one in catalog




Im getting the same error cant figure it out.

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