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Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required '?

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can you guy please help me to resolve this problem i have in my OScommerce.. this is what i get error in my website


Warning: main(/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/admin/includes/configure.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/includes/modules/payment/checkout_by_amazon.php on line 32


Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required '/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/admin/includes/configure.php' (include_path='.:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/checkout_by_amazon/library:.:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/checkout_by_amazon:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/checkout_by_amazon/library/PHP_Compat-1.6.0a1:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/checkout_by_amazon/library/SOAP-0.12.0:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/checkout_by_amazon/library/PEAR-1.7.2:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/checkout_by_amazon/library/PEAR-1.7.2/PEAR:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/checkout_by_amazon/library/HTTP-1.4.3:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/checkout_by_amazon/library/Mail_Mime-1.5.2:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/checkout_by_amazon/library/Mail_mimeDecode-1.5.0:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/checkout_by_amazon/library/Net_Socket-1.0.9:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/checkout_by_amazon/library/Net_URL-1.0.15:/home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/ in /home/content/j/u/s/justinhoang/html/includes/modules/payment/checkout_by_amazon.php on line 32



please tell me what i have to do and what code do i need to put it or remove. Thanks


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There should be a file admin/includes/configure.php, although it's a bit odd that something on the customer side would be calling a file from the admin side... anyway, as part of security fixes, did you rename your admin/ directory to something else? If so, you need to patch the checkout_by_amazon.php script to use the new admin name. Once configure.php is successfully included, DIR_WS_ADMIN will contain the new admin name. Oh yeah, you did update admin/includes/configure.php with the new admin name, right? And your admin/ (by whatever name) can't be password protected (as recommended) if the customer side is to access it. You may want to poke around this checkout_by_amazone.php and see why it wants to get into the admin side -- is this a misconfiguration on your part?


If you did not change the name of admin/, and that file isn't there, you've got problems. I presume you have no catalog/ directory (osC's root is html/).


As a last resort, ask Amazon or whoever supplied this checkout.

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