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Problem with how price is displayed on site


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I am trying to set up a new store within Canada using the Canadian tax add-on. I am not too sure if this is where my problem came from, but now the price that is displayed on the site is higher than the price I have the item at in the database. It has gone up 2 or 3 times without me touching the price in the database. Any suggestions?

The site address is www.themedicalpost.com


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I can't seem to find a spot to disable the taxes being added in.

The tax rate that is being calculated is 7% for Canada and an additional 7.5% if the orders are from BC.

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I think the problem is this...


You have 2 zones setup, Canada and B.C. BUT... B.C. is in Canada.


The Canada Tax Zone, if I am correct, is based on the entire Country of Canada. If a purchase is made by someone in BC, not only will they be charged the Tax Rate for BC, but also for Canada.


I think you will have to setup each individual Canadian Province as a Taxable Zone and remove the Canada Tax Zone. That way, depending on where the customer is from, your store will assign the correct Tax rate for that Province.


It sounds right. :)


I hope this helps! Good Luck.



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Here's what I was able to gather from installing version 2.2 MS1 and using the included samples for setting up Canadian GST and Quebec PST. In the following:

- in Admin -> Configuration -> My Store look for an option that states "Display Prices With Tax". This should be set to false if you don't want to see your prices with taxes in.

- under Locations/Taxes -> Tax Zones you should have two tax zones. There should be one for Canada and one for B.C. which will represent the GST and PST respectively.

- under Locations/Taxes -> Tax Rates you should have two tax rates one for each of your two zones. Each of them with a rate of 7.0 and 7.5 respectively. Their respective priorities should be set to 1 and 2.


The result of this is that your customers in BC will get charged an effective tax of 14.5% wheras your non-BC, Canadian customers will get charged 7%. Non-Canadian customers will not get charged any taxes. (try it out)


Now, this may be correct for B.C. but this is invalid for Quebec. In Quebec, the two tax rates must be compounded making the effective tax rate 15.025%.


I'll be hitting the Search button to see how I must adjust for this.


Anyway, I hope I was able to help you clarify your issues.



Santiago Oleas

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Hi again :-)

I seem to have the actual taxes working properly, but cannot find a spot in my admin section that says "Display Prices with tax"

Is this something that should have been in the original install, or added with the tax upgrade.....or am I just losing my mind and can't see it in front of my face?

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Okay... you are not blind. That configuration item was recently moved into the osCAdmin. Since yu are using a 12/2002 snapshot, you must modify your application_top.php file. Look for the following code...

// customization for the design layout

 define('TAX_DECIMAL_PLACES', 0); // Pad the tax value this amount of decimal places

 define('DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX', true); // Display prices with tax (true) or without tax (false)

 define('BOX_WIDTH', 195); // how wide the boxes should be in pixels (default: 125)

Change DIPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX to "false". That should take care of your problem!


Hope this helps! Good Luck.



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