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I'm looking for a froogle feed, that will include the prices set in our product attributes?


So, far I'm not finding anything.


Since we use product attributes, the feed files are listing the prices as 0.00


Anyone can help me find the proper add on?



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  • 4 weeks later...

Sorry don't know of anything but you could change the query so ir "joins" the product attribute and outputs one line per attribute the product has.


I would hate to try this for a shop where a product can have more than 1 attribute.





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thanks for an easy & fast way to work with googles merchant center!


I installed the mod and set the upload schedule. asking to upload NOW as well. Within 5 minutes all of my 1600 products were listed, but with some errors.


I did however receive some error warnigs:


Unrecognized attribute: made in

Unrecognized attribute: age range

Expiration date is too far in the future


The expiration date fix I think I saw in an earlier post. The made in & age range, can I go through the googlebase.php and remove those references so they no longer are being fed?


When I click on a specific product I can see the new google rules are being satisfied :) but the image is not showing ;( I'll check again later because it does say "searchable soon" still. When I look at the image properties of the image in the product listing I see:


but get the red X there...

Debbie D
Franklin County, VA "Moonshine Capitol of the World"
osCmax Mobile Template oscmaxtemplates.com

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  • 2 years later...

This is going to be a HUGE rant and then some...


I spent four days, working with an osCMax developer at times, refining, hacking and making this MOD work for the new Google Merchant requirements. I managed to do all that.. maybe not pretty in places, but it works.


My 2 biggest problems was (1)deciding on which categories MY products fit into within Google Merchant Category Taxonomy requirements and (2)getting the utility to actually output the category chosen.


MANY of my products are media and apparel items.. NONE of which has GTIN UPC ISBN or any of the other "official" codes that Google REQUIRES to ANY items in those particular categories. So I simply got creative and plopped them into the next best category choice that did NOT have that requirement.


Mission accomplished but still TOTALLY aggravated at that point, I emailed the Google Merchant support to vent regarding the REQUIRED attributes for the MEDIA & APPAREL items.


The response I received (rather quickly I will add) was in part:


Starting on October 17, 2012, Google Shopping results in the US will come only from merchants who are Product Listing Ads advertisers. We will be ranking these results based on relevance, with bidding as an additional factor.




I can not express how disgusted I am with google and their practices.. you have just shut out millions of small businesses who can not afford to partake in the smoke & mirrors known as AdWords & Product Listing Ads.


I get it, the economy is bad.. but not as bad for the giant google as it is for small business people.. $10/day AdWords==$300/month == how much additional revenue ??????


$300 a month is MEGA bucks to those small businesses who's income has declined because of the changes Google merchant made


Does anyone have any suggestions????

Debbie D
Franklin County, VA "Moonshine Capitol of the World"
osCmax Mobile Template oscmaxtemplates.com

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Google started publicizing this long before the October 2012 deadline. I consider it a huge mistake, and the poor results being returned on Google's search pages seem to indicate I was right.


I expect that they will shut down Google Merchant rather than fix it. My advice is to forget the whole thing.




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double boo hiss.. even tripe because NOW I see it says 2012 not 2013.. I THOUGHT I had a few months.. crap.. no wonder my sales have been dropping like rocks..



Debbie D
Franklin County, VA "Moonshine Capitol of the World"
osCmax Mobile Template oscmaxtemplates.com

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