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products_images Array?


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It has come to my attention that, even though my client DOES NOT enter any image filename into the "Products Images" input on the /admin/ pages, that one gets entered into the database as "Array":


mysql> select products_id, products_image from products;


| products_id | products_image |


|          71 | Array          |

|          70 | Array          |


Since "Array" is not "", as per this line from products_info.php:


if ($product_info_values['products_image'] != '') {


I'm getting broken image links on all his products. If he uploads an image to replace "Array", things work fine (sadly, there's no way to DELETE an image, so it seems the only way is to either delete the product and start over, or upload a pixel.gif).


This is from the CVS of a few weeks ago.

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