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Argh! Emails not working properly.


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Ok so here's the problem.


Some of my emails are being sent others are not. I have found heaps of posts regarding email issues on google but none seem to have an answer.


Some information.


I have set up a test account to try out all the features to make sure everything works before I launch next week.

When I register I receive the confirmation email.

When I use the contact us form I get the email to my store email address.

When I place an order, the customer receives a confirmation order but I do not.

Tell a friend was working until yesterday but now it doesn't send the email (I have disabled this for now)

The same goes for the Wishlist contrib.

I have tried for the first time today to send email through the admin panel but they don't get sent either.


I don't recieve any error messages, just the emails never show up.


I have sent and received email through Outlook using my store email so I know it is working.

I have checked my junk mail.

I have changed email from in admin to just the email address no name as suggested in other posts.


I have a few contributions installed, but the only ones added in the last few days were:

Paymex for taking credit card payments

NZ bank details for internet banking options

Free shipping w/min amount


I have also tried changing between SMTP and sendmail but it made no difference.


The only other changes I have made are I did change the wording of the emails and I added the change to send the tell a friend details to the store admin. I have removed this now as a precaution.


Please help I really want to get my site launched. :'(

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Admin emails are being received by an email address hosted on the same server but NOT Gmail.

Forgot Password emails are being received by an email address hosted on the same server but NOT Gmail.

I am still not recieving Order email as store owner.


I will try with a few other email addresses and contact my host to see if the problem lies with them.


In the mean time if anyone has any suggestion PLEASE let me know.

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Emails are being sent to gmail hotmail etc but are being marked as spam. Because I was using outlook to get my emails they weren't coming through to me.


Still not recieving order email as store admin

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Well I guess nobody has a solution.


I have found a workaround for now but i'm sure I will have problems in the future.


For now I have added the same email address in the "send extra order emails to"

even though it's the same email address as the store it sends, so at least I am now getting the order emails.


Would still like a proper solution if anybody has one.

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