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PHP help needed.


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Whilst this refers to a credit card payment module I think my problem is my lack of understanding of PHP variables and syntax.

I have SPPC installed, therefore, DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX which was originally in line 4 of the code below always has to be set to true. Whether prices are displayed including or excluding tax under SPPC is dependant on CUSTOMERS_GROUP_SHOW_TAX, a field in the customers_group table of the database. Searching through the code I also came across $sppc_customers_group_show_tax.

I've tried replacing DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX with both CUSTOMERS_GROUP_SHOW_TAX and $sppc_customers_group_show_tax but in each case the results indicate the value is "false".


Following is the section of code in question which should pass $0 if CUSTOMERS_GROUP_SHOW_TAX == 'true' but passes the tax amount as if CUSTOMERS_GROUP_SHOW_TAX == 'false'.



foreach($order->info['tax_groups'] as $name => $value) {

if ((float)$value > 0){


//If the prices are displayed with tax add the description of the tax as a product with $0 value

//This will make sure the tax details are displayed in the payment page

//$0 value will make sure the tax is not added AGAIN to the order total

$gateway_vars[number_format((float)$value, 2, '.', '').' '.$name.' '.MODULE_PAYMENT_NAB_TRANSACT_HPP_PROD_DESC_TAX_INCLUDED] = '1,0';

} else {

$gateway_vars[MODULE_PAYMENT_NAB_TRANSACT_HPP_PROD_DESC_TAX.': '.$name] = '1,'.number_format((float)$value, 2, '.', '');





Any help would be appreiciated.

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