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I just received this as a return to an order via IPN and was wondering if anyone has a fix for it. It's obvious the problem is that either the amount is being sent without the comma or it's being returned by PayPal without the comma but I can't figure out which it is.


PayPal IPN Verified [Completed (Unverified; $1,815.26); PayPal transaction value (1815.26) does not match order value (1,815.26)]

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$1,815.26 and 1815.26 are different so its failing.

analyse this code in Your IPN file:


if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['mc_gross'] != number_format($total['value'] * $order['currency_value'], $currencies->get_decimal_places($order['currency']))) {

$comment_status .= '; PayPal transaction value (' . tep_output_string_protected($HTTP_POST_VARS['mc_gross']) . ') does not match order value (' . number_format($total['value'] * $order['currency_value'], $currencies->get_decimal_places($order['currency'])) . ')';

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