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question about images "popup.php" window..


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This page is set by defualt to automatically (resize) via javascript to the size of the (images) - I think its a really good thing, what I would like to know is it possible to alter the Javascript on this page to resize a <table> rather than an (image) , I would like to include the title of the Product above the image and a {close window} link under the images - becuase as the coding stands it cuts out my {close window} link at the bottom of the page,


if anyone could suggest a work around I would love to hear about it, I use lots of different size images so I cannot set the window to (one size). and I really like the (resize feature).


Cheers lee

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Hi Lee,


This should not be difficult to figure.


You do not need a new javascript to fix the table size.


You will actually have a table with three rows. Top row is for "Product title", middle row is for "your product image", and last one is for "close window link"


Middle row is already fix with your image. So you need extra space for the rest two rows.


Just add about 50 pix to the height value of following line in the script


if (document.images[0]) window.resizeTo(document.images[0].width +30, document.images[0].height+


so the height value will be 110 (or as you wish)


I hope this help you.






Santa Monica (CA)

Everything is possible.

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