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Solicited: E-mail order copy stripped of personal info


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I'm about to go live with a special store for a referral program I've set up with a larger, information based site who will place links, banners, promos, etc. on their site (which involve discussions of products, many of which I make and sell), in exchange for a certain percentage of sales. I would like him to trust that he's getting the order totals (and can be able to see which products are being ordered, shipping costs, etc.) from an automated source. However, there's no need to give him the credit card details, customer name/address, etc., which would be in disagreement with my privacy policy and common sense. I need a contribution which will add a new field in admin/configuration.php for "Send Stripped Order Copy to:".


I know this isn't too hard, but as it also involves creating a new table in the SQL database and lining that up with the PHP, I'll gladly pay/donate for someone to create it for the community to use. I don't know if this is the appropriate place or way to post a "solicitation"--if not, please forgive me for my ingnorance and let me know the proper method.


This contribution would also be useful for someone to send order copies to an accountant, book-keeper, or purchasing agent, who ought to have a record of the time and amount of orders, but should not have access to customer information out of respect for privacy.


Please private message me or post here if you can help.




Kevin :oha:

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You may be right--it may just be a few lines of code somewhere. But it's currently beyond my PHP abilities, so I'd love someone with some knowhow and time to give/sell to figure it out and post it so I can use it and we can give it as a contribution. I don't think it will be very time consuming for the right person--which isn't me, unfortunately! :cry:





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You need to make changes in 1 file + an addition of a record in the database.


In checkout_process.php, you have to create a message without the information that you don't want, similar to the variable $email_order.


In this same file, you have to send the new email to the recipients.


In the configuration table, you have to add a record similar to the one "send extra order emails to" where you will keep the addresses of the person/s you want to send this special email.


I hope I'm not missing something because in the system I developed, the system sends an email and it doesn't go through the whole purchasing system.


Good luck,




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It depends. If you want the e-mail to be send to different persons (resellers) all the time it will not be that easy. You will need to use the 'referal' and match that to the e-mail address first I think.


If you only need a copy with limited info send to an additional address it will be easier and the method described would be fine.



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