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MS Outlook (Not Express) Question...


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MS Outlook 2000 Question

I'm wondering, is there a way that I can store a couple of form letters in my MS Outlook? In other words, let's say a mail comes in, and I want to answer it with Letter "A" -- is there some way I can just click, reply and have Letter "A" auto-fillin... or it doesn't have to be reply... but you get the picture.

Anyone know of a way to do this?


Many Thanks

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Easy, use a signature file. Create a plain text file with a *.txt extension and save it in to the directory on your hard drive where outlook keeps it signature files.


On a default Office 2k installation with Windows 2000 Pro the correct directory will be:


C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication DataSignatures.


It may vary on your system, but have a look around or do a search for a directory called signature and you will locate it no problems. When you have a message you want to respond to using the signature, simply click Reply and then from the toolbar select Insert->Signature->Choose the signature to use.


You can have as many signature files as you need. The signature files I think are intended (what I used to use them for anyway) to print a footer to your email message like:


Best Regard

From Me

p. +61 666 555



But you can be a bit more creative and use them for all sorts of purposes if you like. There may be an easier or better way to do this, but this way does work. As an aside, I went back to using Eudora a couple of years ago, I find it heaps easier to use etc, but that's another story!

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