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How do I type 4oz / 7ml etc... on the Products Weight?


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I know it could be an silly question but I don't know the answer. When I add a new product to my oscommerce system it has a info box and I'm supposed to have the Products Weight, I don't know how to type the Weight of oz, ml etc... because it doesn't allow me to use letters, for example: 10oz, it just work with numbers and I don't know if 4.0 is pounds or oz etc... Do you know a way to help me with this?


I will appreciate your help!!!


Thank you :)

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Thank you Jack! :) the problem is that I don't know which number to type because I don't know for example if 4oz is 0.4 or 4 and I need to know it because the shipping price.



Any Idea?

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The number is in the main dimension or a fraction of it. If you have one product that weight 10 pounds, you enter 10. If you have another that weighs 10 ounces, you enter 0.625.

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Remember to keep your weights in the same units as well - ie if you're working in pounds and ounces convert kilos and grams or ml to pounds and ounces as well. The shipping modules that use the weight just see a number and can not differentiate between pounds and kilos

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Yeah, you don't want to do like NASA did and lose a Mars probe because some idiot mis-converted Pounds of thrust to Newtons (or whatever it was). Basically, the weight units to use are the same ones that your shipping module(s) are going to use -- typically pounds (US) or kilograms (rest of world). If your shipping uses pounds and your product comes in ounces, multiply by 1/16 to get pounds (ain't "English" units fun?). Just be consistent all the way through -- you can certainly describe your product in ounces, just as long as the "shipping weight" in the database is pounds (or whatever unit is required).


Note: Make sure you're talking ounces weight, not "fluid ounces" volume! Shipping doesn't care about the volume (in most cases, except for very large boxes), but does always care about the weight. I bring this up because in your subject you mentioned "7ml", which is a volume measurement.

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Ounces divided by 16 = decimal equivalent




Milliliters times 0.0338140227375739 = Fluid Ounces

Fluid Ounces is not an exceptable means for weight measurement for shipping calculators.



I bought an inexpensive digital scale from the US Post Office, it is invaluable.

USPS 10lb digital scale

(mine is an older style)

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