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Custom message to group of users at login


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(yeah i posted a series of questions as separate threads, i hope the mods wont mind, i think this is the most effective and organized way of asking questions, rather than putting all of them into a single thread titled 'general questions').


Anyway, back to the question:


IS there a way contribution to have a custom message shown to a selected group of users at login (and possibly on every page?)?


Thing is, i want some users (group A for example) to read a particoular message, and group B another message.


Any help appreciated!

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Im not sure of a contribution that can do this, its more than possible to get done.

1, set up your customers with different groups you control via admin

2, Then a switch of IF will be abl to do the rest for you.

There is a contribution for custoemr groups, maybe this can be altered, if not its going to be a custome coding job for which i would imagine you are going to have to pay for


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