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Empty $HTTP_POST_VARS in payment module


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I'm creating a payment module. On my local machine everything works as expected. But in the customer shop the $HTTP_POST_VARS are empty. I also checked $_POST and $_REQUEST. None of them have any of the forms values in them.


Does anybody know how to fix that?




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Recent versions of PHP have dropped "long array names" including $HTTP_POST_VARS, in favor of $_POST. Is the customer shop at PHP 5.something? The easiest fix may be to upgrade to 2.2 RC2a, which includes a "compatibility layer" which defines $HTTP_POST_VARS, etc., if missing. Failing that, go through the code and change every $HTTP_POST_VARS to $_POST, and ditto for GET, SERVER, etc.


Now why $_POST (and $_REQUEST, which is just a copy of POST and GET) might be empty is a bit of a puzzler. If you're sure that a form is sending method="post" (not get), yet the $_POST array is empty, you need to talk with your customer's site host. It sounds like something is terribly wrong with their server configuration. I can't think of any legitimate reason that POST or GET would be shut down. It's independent of "register global variables", and $_POST has been around for a long time, even if $HTTP_POST_VARS may now be gone.

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