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Wishlist possible sql trouble?


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I installed wishlist onto my site, and all seems to be in order ( im not getting error messages. )

when I go to the admin section though, 3 out of 4 setup questions are missing.


and when Im in the front end, I ( as a customer ) all the email input areas are missing, I don't get asked to insert my email, or my friends names and emails. All I see is the instructions, and the message box.


any suggestions of what went wrong?

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If you are talking about Wishlist 5_1 you are correct, I had to use the SQL from Wishlist 5_0 to make this function correctly.




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Ok. i tried to reinstall the sql, for 5.0


and got this error.


SQL query: 

INSERT INTO `configuration_group` ( `configuration_group_id` , `configuration_group_title` , `configuration_group_description` , `sort_order` , `visible` ) 

'12954', 'Wish List Settings', 'Settings for your Wish List', '25', '1'

MySQL said:  

#1062 - Duplicate entry '12954' for key 'PRIMARY'




I'm gonna search for how to fix this but in the mean time, if anyone knows. or can point me in the right direction,

tht would be GGGggrrrreat!!

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Hi chris,


Thanx, I droped some things before reinstalling yesterday to get that error, today I did some more dropping only to get more errors. same thing ( just differnt )


The only thing I really know how to do in sql is load the sql pages for oscommerce.


What is the method to delete the entire previously loaded wishlist.sql ?


Messing around in there makes me nervous that I will blow up the cart.




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