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Hi all,


I am clueless when it comes to adding on contributions. I need something though in my store that will allow me to have more then one picture per product listing. It'd be nice if it had some bells and whistles, but the most important thing is going to be that it's simple enough for me to install.


Can someone also tell me how I can check which version of OsCommerce I have? I've had my store about 4 years give or take.


Thanks so much!

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There are various image contributions you could choose. If you search the contribution area for them you will search the features of each. Installation varies, just follow the instructions and you will be fine. If you get stuck, ask your question in the related forum.




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Thanks for your response.


I was wondering if I could use html to just add a picture or two extra directly in the product listing? I tried doing this with img scr code, but it just displayed a broken link. I was wondering if anyone else had success with just using the html though? Really I just need to add 2 more pics to just one of my listings. Thanks.

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hi the img srccode should work, is the imag in the catalog/images folder?





I do have them in an images folder. Do you know the path to the catalog folder? That way I can check and make sure I have it right. When I do the html and go back in to edit it, it looks like there have been several of these \\\\ added on. Could that be the reason why it's not showing up? I was hoping someone could share there code that they use for img src with me. Thanks!

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