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The e-commerce.

Almost ready to go live.. I need some input (m)


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It's been a looooong 6 days :lol:


Can you look at my page & give me some feedback?


I will tell you that I am working on the graphics now, so you will see some X boxes where images are supposed to be.


Also, I am finishing up my main (index.html) page, so it will look different. I just need to get an idea of what's working, what's not & what I am missing - LOL!


Thanks all!



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Well, first...This should be in the My Store forum for a review.


Second, have you looked at it in a resolution other than 800x600? Looks funky in 1024x768. took about a minute and a half to download using my 56k dialup......too slow. Need to fix the corners of the boxes.


Cute graphics! Love the color scheme!

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The corners of the boxes are on my graphice list ;)


I realized after I posted, it was in the wrong forum :oops:


I have looked at it in other resolutions.. Looked fine to me.. What exactly does it look like on your screen so maybe I can mimic it & fix it?


Thanks for your feedback....

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you have some missing pics as well as some mismached pics.....


the site is kindof unporportional. Best to center everything in the middle of the page.....just a suggestion.



http://www.kindredcreations.com/catalog/im...images/leaf.gif this picuture looks like it is out in left feild....might want to place that in another area


the bulliten board is missing a picuter or something on the right hand side



Other then that it looks like the site has alot of potential. Nice job and love the colors....not to hard on the eyes.....


One plus is how you have changed the look on each of the tab links....dont see that alot.



Also on the community board all the links there point to other places on the page







well anyways would love to see the final version when everything is touched up




(PS: just a notice....nothing is to down a site but to bring it up. All opinions are of the authors and should not be taken the wrong way as some people have....)

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Nice top graphic.


Why do the top link graphics expand and become more narrow as you adjust you page. I've never seen that before...makes it look fuzzy when I open my browser.


I think I would make them a fixed size.


Screen resolution is 1152.

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the site is kindof unporportional. Best to center everything in the middle of the page.....just a suggestion.


I would argue to put everything to the left. If you resize the window when the stuff is centered, then you're gonna make yourself dizzy because you have to chase what you're reading all over the place (well over a little any way). But when it's aligned to the left, it stays put all the time. Or if you really want it centered, I would recommend having it centered in an absolute value. So something like

<table width="500">

<td align="center">

blah blah


rather than something like

<table width="100%">

<td align="center">


I would also agree with whoever said to use absolute values for everything. But it looks like you've already done that (except for some of those drop down things - looks like you did it on some but not others...).



One thing that you might consider is having the forum open in a new window. Just a thought so that you don't have to have your navigation stuff in its header (because with it in its header, your navigation stuff moves over...)


But it's a pretty neat design and I like the colour scheme and concept.

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Thanks for the feedback. I've fixed the top graphics - (I hope!) :) The background image trails across the page, so it looks more proportional. Also left the navigation tabs are now a fixed size image (they were 100% before)


The payment portion of the checkout is SSL (Paypal). I'm thinking I will upgrade to SSL before going live though so the whole checkout is process is secure.


I like the idea of the forum opening in a separate window.


Paddy... could you let me know what "drop down things" are out of proportion for you - :)



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I'm not sure why you would go with an offsite forum when there are several great php boards that you could have right on your site and integrate more with your site's look. Your header, although it is very cool, looks out of place on the forum.



[no external urls in signatures please, kthanks]

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I think it's really cute. Nice design.


A couple of minor suggestions...


I too would keep it left justified, but since the tab navigation is a fixed width gif, I'd make the main content fixed width too. Just sent the main table to a width of 774 pixels rather than 100%.


I'd redo the buttons so they are transparent or have your brown background.


Since you use a single image for the global navigation, it always reads Log Off - even when I just came to the home page and it says, "Would you like to log yourself in?" I know you don't want more work than necessary, but you could slice up the bottom bar of image and include a bit of code to include the log off only when they are logged on.


You have alot of header space being used. On a smaller screen the header takes up over half of the screen. Could you make the header vertically smaller, or integrate it into the navigation tabs?


Last comment, your navigation is repeated on the header and on the side. Some people like duplicating navigation because it give more options, but I think your header is so clear and colorful, that the text navigation on the side is distracting.


I think you did a really nice job and I look forward to seeing it live.



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I like the idea of the forum opening in a separate window.


yeah, to do that just add a target="_blank" to your a tag (so <a href="forum" target="_blank">


Paddy... could you let me know what "drop down things" are out of proportion for you -  :)  


heh looks like you got rid of the things I was talking about and replaced them with images. ;)




here's an idea that might be kinda cool, but also might take a little work to do (well not too much I guess, but a little bit for changing a bunch of images...). If you changed the colours of the header things on the boxes from blue to match the colour of the page you are on. So yellow for the New page, Orange for the Almbums page, etc.

you could do this in a couple ways, but the basic idea of what I would do for this is something like...

if ($HTTP_GET_VARS['cPath'] == 1) {

$colour_scheme = "orange";



then to make things easier and less work to integrate, you could write some function that does something along the lines of...

replace header_image.gif with $colour_scheme/header_image.gif


you'd have to look into some PHP functions for moving files about like this, but it shouldn't be too difficult. you might also need to chmod some files to allow for write access...


the other thing you could do that would take more work to integrate would be to change the <img src="header_image.gif"> tags to

<img src="<?php echo $colourscheme; ?>/header_image.gif"> but as you can probably guess that would be a fair amount of work compared to the first option.

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